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  1. Wazupkings


    Hey, dude welcome to the Crident Community, nice to see an experienced person as yourself interested in the Crident.Store project, hope you enjoy it here if you ever have any questions feel free to message me on Discord at Wazupkings#3992!
  2. Just post your system info down there, go ahead don't be shy mine are probably worse.. My awesome components: Its a laptop btw AMD A8 4500M 6 GB DDR3 RAM 1TB HDD Windows 8 15.6 inch display I know mine are bad and I know you're thinking "How does he even play GMOD??" well to answer that... Magic.
  3. Sah dude, didn't see this until now lol
  4. Bulet is a kewl chicken
  5. @platinum_miner I was thinking orthopedic surgeon!
  6. I wanna be either a surgeon, or a pharmacist.
  7. If you get on the site go ahead m-m-make an account we'd love to see you here some more! ?
  8. granted I don't I don't need the code but still
  9. Make it to where staff can see without replying.
  10. Also my real names Colin so, lit
  11. Hey, guys my name is Wazupkings and you can find me on discord at Wazupkings#3992, I'm apart of the amazing support team at Crident, I mainly do Live chats for you guys, so come and talk pre-sales with me ? I've been here at Crident for a few months now, if you've watched some of our awesome streams you might hear me (rip headphone users) ?. so yeah that's about it for me, just here to say hi, have a wonderful day! ?
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