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    hi im fugitoid/bden my life revolves around developing lua stuff or fixing broken existing lua i've been wasting my life on the overall gmod serious rp community at-large since the days where serious rp became an actual, dedicated thing, with actual, dedicated gamemodes/scripts/schemas. so roughly 13 years lol. i started when i was 14 i run a place called community85.com which generally acts as a hub for all things rp development but centered around a series of schemas I run currently I run 6 servers, three of which are dedicated to a cyberpunk, a wild west-fantasy, and a scifi space piracy RP servers, that use either NutScript 2.0 or Helix, and the other three is for development, pac, and events we generally use our community as a staging area for not only our RP, but for learning and providing support for those who wish to learn Lua, Blender, Hammer, and PAC. because of this i use community85 to showcase custom stuff. our community makes a surprising large amount of money in donated support, so thanks to the financial support, we've been able to fund and invest into things such as hammer developers and lua developers - meaning that because we use community85 to show off custom schema's written about lore that we've just thought up of on our own, we've also been able to fund entirely custom content. we essentially decided that for the most part we wouldn't ever release a new server or new schema without there being something never before seen on it. So we take the time to code custom, brand new features, and drop a few hundred dollars on a brand new map that has never been used before i like running servers largely because my technical and university degree is specifically geared towards severside operations, sysadmin work, and network/information security nice to meet yall, i really enjoy this host, and the community around it.
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