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  1. I know, but I can't upload a new updates on the server because hard drive is full. But I download my server and checked it. It's less then 26Gb. I feels dumb really and don't understand where is other 38Gb.
  2. Sorry, I feels dumb because I'm bad in english.
  3. 2.05 Gb + 21.5 Gb of workshop content / 64 Gb What's wrong? I really don't understand...
  4. Okay, last question? Does an empty server must takes up ~18 Gb?
  5. You got my question right. All workshop content cannot take up so much space on the hard drive, because 4 gb (gmod server) + 21.5 gb (workshop content) ~= 64 gb, as we have now.
  6. garrysmod/addons: 54.7 Mb garrysmod/bin: 63.5 Mb garrysmod/cache: 234 Kb (21.5 Gb after download from Steam Workshop Collection) garrysmod/data: 419 Mb garrysmod/maps: 293 Mb garrysmod/lua: 7 Mb garrysmod/logs: 398 Mb That's all :c
  7. The other day my project faced such a problem as a fully filled hard disk (64 GB). We wanted to solve the problem by cleaning the cache, unnecessary logs and addons. Unfortunately, it didn't help us much. Then we used this article: https://crident.com/portal/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/37/Clearing-disk-space.html After the performed manipulations, when there was almost no content left on the server, the hard disk was filled with 26 GB of 64 GB. Why is so much space occupied even after cleaning the hard drive? After the server is launched, the content is loaded from the workshop, which occupies only 22.5 GB, and it is not clear where the rest of the memory goes. Are there any other ways to free up space? Translated with deepl, my english is bad >;c
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