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  1. Yeah, you would need to upload the addons you want through the file manager or by using SFTP
  2. I'll be posting a discount code here soon to mark the launch of our AMD range. To see the code you'll need to have replied to this thread at any point in time AMD range is going live tomorrow. Thread locks in a week. The code will be added to this post tomorrow
  3. It's worth noting that ping in the source engine scoreboard/net_graph isn't true ping. It includes compute time in the roundtrip, which basically means if your server is lagging it'll "increase" the ping. This also means if you're running a lower tickrate, your ping will appear higher, because the server is responding less frequently to players. Generally, if you're using a tickrate of ~16 around 100-200 ping is quite normal if you have a lot of stuff going on with the server. But note, if everyone has around the same ping, things should still appear pretty smooth. If your servers hitting around ~100% CPU usage when you see ping spikes, it's likely the server is being overloaded, and that will cause the ping to appear like it's raising, while it "technically isn't". The packets are still getting from A to B at the same speed, the server is just taking longer to respond; because it's lagging. Sometimes lowering your tickrate can help provide a more "stable" ping, even though generally lowering your tickrate will generally "increase" the ping.
  4. We can also IP white list certain IP's for rcon
  5. I just took a look & the firewall config for that IP looks fine, and the server itself looks fine. When you timeout are you able to rejoin?
  6. Xeons are designed for traditional server workloads typically - like websites, and database software etc. These types of software often thrive off multiple cores, and they're designed specifically to work well with them. Obviously there are some exceptions, though! These pictures do a better job at explaining the key advantages to the i7 range vs the Xeon range. I highlighted the point we're talking about right now
  7. You're fine, I'm glad you bought it up, because it's a really common misconception (which even some hosting companies don't understand!) For anyone interested in a more detailed explanation, because a lot of people get confused here: Newer CPU's seem seem to be focusing more on higher core counts, with slower base speeds. For desktop computing more cores helps a lot, especially when you're multitasking. Certain applications like video editing are often designed to take advantage of multiple cores, too. Where most people get mislead is the "turbo" speed. For applications that aren't able to take advantage of multiple cores, the CPU can effectively focus on a single core and speed that up. What's really important is that the CPU can't do this on every core. When it comes to running certain applications that normally can't take advantage of multiple cores (like game serves), it's better to look for CPU's with the fastest cores, not CPU's with the most cores. This is especially important for hosting companies, because they will be using all the cores, all the time, so the CPU isn't going to be able to turbo up to it's max boost on all cores TLDR: Base clock speed matters more than core count for certain workloads (like game hosting)
  8. The i7 7700k has much better base clock speeds etc. which is better for game servers https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/126686/intel-core-i7-8700-processor-12m-cache-up-to-4-60-ghz.html https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/97129/intel-core-i7-7700k-processor-8m-cache-up-to-4-50-ghz.html We can also get the i7 7700k's for much cheaper, so there's that. The only real advantage we could get out of the 8700k is running more game servers per dedi. But I don't know if people want that haha
  9. What's up GAMERS We've been using i7 6700k & 7700k for a while now on our network. However, a lot of new hardware has come out over the last 2 years, and I wanna know what people are looking for in the future, or do you guys even care that much? Right now the new AMD cores are looking pretty interesting. Really I'm just trying to work out how much you guys care about hardware, and if there are any specific specs people want us to look at. While hardware used to be a big selling point for hosts, I'm not sure people care like they used to
  10. If you haven't already heard - Facepunch are working on a new sandbox game, called S&box. Here's a rundown if you want it one. The commits in the sbox discord have been starting to look more beefy, with things like var networking, server browser stuffs, and more. It's a running joke that Sandbox is going to be released on a date when it really isn't. But things are starting to actually get pretty interesting, so I was wondering what your guys thoughts on sbox are?
  11. Summer sale - 25% off the first 3 months, or 30% off the first 2 months.
  12. Summer Summer get your Summer 25% off the first 3 months: 30% off the first 2 months
  13. This is your MAXIMUM allowed CPU & Disk usage. This is not the amount you're currently using on your server. It's your limits
  14. Sorry, it's a little hard for me to understand what you're asking, are you saying your server is using 64GB currently?
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