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    • good guide /curated should probably clarify to people not to put an rcon password in their server.cfg but instead to keep it in the command line (startup parameters).
    • In this basic guide, I am going to be covering how to change your server name, server password and how you add a loading screen. This is only the beginning and I will most likely expand on this as I find more things that need adding. It's really just a good link to hand out when people are confused about these issues. Everything mentioned in this topic will be to do/within the server.cfg file located at garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg Hostname You can change the name your server is displayed as by changing the value in the brackets after hostname  e.g. Password You can change the password needed to join your server by changing the value after sv_password  (You may need to add this line in, you may add it anywhere in the file, on its own line) e.g. Loading Screen To add a loading screen to your server, you must first have a URL that takes you to your loading screen, free options include csite.io or it can be hosted on your own web host. (Most loading screens from GmodStore will come with instructions on how to install and get the URL) You then want to insert this URL into your server cfg, in brackets, after sv_loadingurl  (You may need to add this line in, you may add it anywhere in the file, on its own line)   That's it for now, many people may find this not needed, but there are some who have issues with this. I hope this helps. Just trying to build a knowledge base  
    • I wanna be either a surgeon, or a pharmacist.
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